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I am trying to build a view that holds several table views stacked vertically. Rather than assign each table view a fixed height, I want the tables to grow with their content. The stack is then nested in a scrollview.

Using auto-layout, I managed to get the nested scroll views grow with their table views. I however cannot get these to shrink as I remove rows from the table view. Auto-layout seems to assume that the best size for a view is its current size. In my set-up the best size would be the smallest fitting size.

The set-up in Interface builder:

- Scrollview
-- Clipview
--- Container
---- Nested Scrollview
------ Clipview
------- Tableview
---- Nested Scrollview
------ Clipview
------- Tableview

In code I add constraints to pin the leading, trailing, top and bottom of the table views to their immediate parent clip views.

The test project ( https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2381634/SO/AdjacentTableViews%20Auto-Layout.zip ) has buttons to add and remove rows from the two table views.

Adding rows grows the table views, the clip views,…. The outer scull view can scroll as expected.

Removing rows fails to shrink the nested scroll views.

How can I have auto-layout consider the minimum fitting size, hug content, … ?

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