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I have a header.jsp that I am including on all the pages to display header and logo of my project. It has a link that opens up panel. //header.jsp

<div data-role="header">
<a href="#menuPanel" data-icon="bars" data-rel="panel">Menu</a>

 <div data-role="panel" id="menuPanel" data-position-fixed="true" data-display="overlay" >My menu</div>

Now I am using a multi page html document. The header will be included on all the div's with data-role=page.

<div data-role="page" id="page1">
//include header
<div data-role="page" id="page2">
//include header here

My doubt is my header.jsp has a panel with id="menuPanel". Two div with the same id will be included twice on my html page. Even on clicking the link we might get unepected results.How can I resolve this and save my project from including two div with the same id in DOM. I want to keep header as a separate file. Can my panel be opened in some other way apart from using id. Please suggest some solution

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use external header and panel; dont repeat yourself, add them one time only, –  Omar Jul 7 at 11:21

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Change your header to use class and not id, and link to #:

<div data-role="header">
    <a href="#" class="menuButton" data-icon="bars" data-rel="panel">Menu</a>
    <div data-role="panel" class="menuPanel" data-position-fixed="true" data-display="overlay" >My menu</div>

And add some JavaScript to open/close the menu panel relative to current page:

$(document).on("click", ".menuButton", function(event)
    var pageID = $(this).closest("[data-role=page]").attr("id");
    $("#" + pageID + " .menuPanel").panel("toggle");


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why to make things more complicated? This will result in the same, since a Multi-Page Model is used, whether you use a class or an id. –  Omar Jul 7 at 11:31
question doesn't clarify how the header is included; while duplication is despicable, without other information I cannot suggest how to avoid it –  Sga Jul 7 at 11:37
@Sga : Thanks. Its a java web application.The header is specified in a jsp file that will be included within a div that has a data-role header. Both the panels will perform same work. So does using a class instead of id will resolve the problem? Doing $(".menuPanel") in page2 won't call panel in page2? –  user1502901 Jul 7 at 12:34
I fixed the code with the right selector and added a JSFiddle. Anyway: please try refactoring your code to avoid duplication of header elements –  Sga Jul 7 at 13:02

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