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I am using the kernel version 3.0.35 with bluez-4.98 in linux. With this I'm able to advertise the ibeacon as per the hcitool command given in one of the SO questions. I am also able to connect to the other ble device but not able to list its services using 'primary' in gatttool.

I want to use my device now as a peripheral to let other device to get its Device Information, and later in the Central mode to know the Device Information of other ble devices.

Will this kernel version and bluez version be compatible for the task?

EDIT: I want the device information like the Firmware Revision, Hardware Revision etc the other characteristics of the DIS service. And how can I update my database for these fields, is it through some xml or some config file?

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I know there are bugs in LE functionality in versions before 4.101. You can't use Bluez 5.x in kernels that old, but you should be able to use the latest 4.x version which is 4.101 which may solve your problem.

Firmware Revision, Hardware Revision String, and such can all be requested by their UUID with gatttool. I know nothing about any database you're using.

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I think 4.x versions doesn't have that dependency with the kernel versions. But will I be able to get the Device Information Service through GATT, using the device in peripheral and central mode with bluez-4.101. –  user2423804 Jul 8 at 4:01
I've had no issues with using GATT in 4.101 –  Tim Tisdall Jul 8 at 13:51
please comment on the edit in the question –  user2423804 Jul 8 at 14:34
so it can be said that in bluez-4.101 the management interface is implemented in the user space itself rather that the kernel space –  user2423804 Jul 9 at 3:38
the database i'm talking about is the attribute handles and their values for the characteristics –  user2423804 Jul 9 at 3:43

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