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I am using the I2Cdevlib for an Arduino project. I have activated the compilation verbose and get this warning:

I2Cdev.cpp:64:14: warning: #warning Using current Arduino IDE with Wire library is functionally limiting.
I2Cdev.cpp:65:14: warning: #warning Arduino IDE v1.0.1+ with I2CDEV_BUILTIN_FASTWIRE implementation is recommended.
I2Cdev.cpp:66:14: warning: #warning This I2Cdev implementation does not support:
I2Cdev.cpp:67:14: warning: #warning - Timeout detection (some Wire requests block forever)

I don't understand what this Arduino version is/where I can find it. My projects blocks after a few minutes, it consists of permanantly reading the data from a gyroscope. So I though that this warning could give me a hint on what happens.

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I2C originally is defined without a time-out. More recent derivative of I2C (like SMBus) added the possibility for a device to time-out (usually after 10 - 50 ms). If a device with time-out is connected to a device without time-out and the communication is very slow, they may come out of sync and hang.

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