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i have a dolphin 7600 with windows CE.

normally when i put CAB files in the folder Auto-install and do a cold reboot they're automatically installed and they still exist in the folder. but now they're installed but i find the folder empty afterwords.

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Mark the CAB files as read-only and wceload.exe will no longer be able to delete them after installation.

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i tried it but it didn't work – essanousy Jul 21 '14 at 10:17
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the problem was that the user overwrote the IPSM folder of the dolphin 7600 with one he got from dolphin 9500 i found that the problem was in the AUTOINSTALL.EXE it was responsible for deleting the CAB files after installation. i downloaded the proper AUTOINSTALL.EXE file from this website and put it in the ISPM folder

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