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can I make a UDP berkley socket hold only a UDP single message ? meaning it will override existing message if unread message is present when a new message arrives ?

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When you say b-socket, do you mean broadcast socket? –  Robert S. Barnes Mar 18 '10 at 7:28

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The only way you could do that would be to handle it on the application side, as far as I know. I assume you have a UDP socket getting some kind of real time data and that you only care about the latest / most recent packet of data to arrive. If that's the case you could do something like the following pseudo code:

struct foo {
int get_most_recent_packet(int sockfd, struct foo *foobuf) {
    ssize_t ret; int gotPacket = 0;
    while ((ret = recvfrom(sockfd, foobuf, sizeof(struct foo), 
                      MSG_DONTWAIT, NULL, NULL)) > 0) {
         gotPacket = 1;
    if (gotPacket) return 1;
    return -1;

See the man page for recvfrom.

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DNS records have a random transaction ID, so that the application can match the result to the request. You might try using your own transaction ID.

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