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I have an xml as below

<Image Id="23" Name ="image1">
<Used_in Name ="Label1" />

Here Image node has been serialized as an object of Image class

[XmlElement(ElementName = "Image")]
public class Image 
public string Name 
getter and setter

public string ID 
getter and setter


While deserializing ,but while saving this xml an extra node is also added as child node to it <Used_in Name ="Label1" /> which indicates where all it is used.Is there a way to ignore child nodes while doing XML deserialize???

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public XmlElement UsedIn {get;set;}
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Thanks John ,but its not this way,I mean these properties are added in some other modules so i wont be able to set them.Moreove they are added in different class to same xml – Ravisha Mar 17 '10 at 9:56

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