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We're having a strange problem with one crawler. Occasionally it will throw a Rails FATAL error on some request, but the trace is very limited and looks something like this

[2014-07-01 18:16:37] FATAL Rails :
ArgumentError (invalid %-encoding (c ^   FK+ 9u$_    t  Kl
ΥE!   =k \  ̕* ߚ>c+<O   یo ʘ> C     R! 2 D  (5      x q#!` 4 p      |8 I   E
:+   H^9`^ #    Vo{   >

  =[z     )):
  lib/locale_middleware.rb:14:in `call'

The crawler user-agent is

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; EasouSpider; +http://www.easou.com/search/spider.html)

We can ask it to stop crawling us via robots.txt, but it would be better to deal with the root cause and not fail with 500 on those requests if possible.

We can't really reproduce this kind of request either, so any suggestions on how to generate a similar request would be of great help.

We're using Rails 3.2.19, Unicorn on Ubuntu 12.04. Here's our locale_middleware.rb

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Can you reproduce by having ?%9g in your request url ? example: your.site/path/to/a/get?%9g –  Benjamin Sinclaire Jul 7 at 13:49
I guess exception happen in next middleware layer. What is going after LocaleMiddleware ? You can run rake middleware –  Pavel Evstigneev Jul 7 at 14:36
@BenjaminSinclaire - adding ?%9g seems to produce a 400 response from our nginx, it doesn't even hit rails. Where did you pick up this %9g however?? (I'm getting curious) –  Yoav Aner Jul 7 at 20:03
@PavelEvstigneev - after LocaleMiddleware we have Omniauth::Builder and after that our application routes. –  Yoav Aner Jul 7 at 20:07

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Special thanks to Benjamin Sinclaire for pointing to the right issue on github.

The solution was described on this comment:

config.middleware.use ::Rack::Robustness do |g|
  g.on(ArgumentError) { |ex| 400 }
  g.content_type 'text/plain'
  g.body{ |ex| ex.message }
  g.ensure(true) { |ex| env['rack.errors'].write(ex.message) }
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Does this catch every ArgumentError, including those that have nothing to do with encoding errors? I think it does, and that could be problematic. If you don't want that, see this solution. –  Henrik N Jul 14 at 15:02
As far as I understand, this will catch an ArgumentError thrown from outside our app. We catch ArgumentErrors within our codebase on our application controller anyway. So the exposure is only outside of the codebase, e.g. middleware / Rails itself. Also, I added a logger method to the above snippet, and haven't spotted anything other than those encoding issues so far. –  Yoav Aner Jul 14 at 22:58

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