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Am using Rails 3.0.19 and JBuilder Gem 2.0.6 to render JSON responses.

JBuilder: https://github.com/rails/jbuilder

Following is the code am using to send error-messages for a specific API.

render :json, :template=>"/api/shared/errors.json.jbuilder", :status=> :bad_request 

For some reason, the client receives 200-ok status. While, I have expected 400 (bad_request).

Any help, please?

Here is my code in detail:

  def render_json_error_messages
    #render :template=> "/api/shared/errors.json.jbuilder", :status=> :bad_request, :formats => [:json]
    respond_to do |format|
      format.json {
        render :template=> "/api/shared/errors.json.jbuilder", :status=> 400

And in a before_filter method, I use render_json_error_messages

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is errors.json.jbuilder a partial? –  Jorge de los Santos Jul 7 at 14:06
No, not a partial. Its a complete Json.jbuilder file –  Satya Kalluri Jul 7 at 14:07
change the template route and tell if this fails. –  Jorge de los Santos Jul 7 at 14:12
I have changed the template URL to "/ap/shared/errors.json.jbuilder" and yes it failed. –  Satya Kalluri Jul 7 at 14:24
I'm researching and it looks like jbuilder has some issues with this. But I've never faced this. stackoverflow.com/questions/18202750/… –  Jorge de los Santos Jul 7 at 14:51

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You don't need to specify that you are rendering a json as the template is a json itself. Just do render template and the status code.

render :template=>"/api/shared/errors.json.jbuilder", :status=> :bad_request, :formats => [:json]
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Nah! Still the http-status-code shows 200. Did you try or was it just a guess, if I can ask you. BTW, I have also tried :status=>400. Didn't work –  Satya Kalluri Jul 7 at 13:59
I don't need to try is writen in the API. The problem is not in this line then. Are you sure that this is the line that is rendering? –  Jorge de los Santos Jul 7 at 14:02
That's the line being executed. I debugged as well. I wonder if JBuilder Gem messes up anything. –  Satya Kalluri Jul 7 at 14:06
No because JBuilder act on rendering the template, not in the line you pasted. –  Jorge de los Santos Jul 7 at 14:08
I have tried by changing the template URL to something non-existent to just see if this is the line being rendered. It threw an error as the file doesn't exist. –  Satya Kalluri Jul 7 at 14:31

Try rendering jbuilder to string then set the status... works in Rails 4.1.4

jstr = render_to_string( template: 'api/shared/index.jbuilder', locals: { nodes: @nodes})
respond_to do |format|
  format.json { render json: jstr, status: :bad_request }

Else following also works

format.json { render template: 'api/shared/index.jbuilder', status: 404 }
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Thanks Girish, It still sends 300 OK in on my Rails 3.0.9. Could you give it a quick trial on this Rails version. BTW, I have this render-code in BeforeFilter, i that could give you any hint on the issue. –  Satya Kalluri Jul 7 at 15:06
It ain't working Girish. At the bottom of my question, I have updated my code. Please, lemme know if it helps. –  Satya Kalluri Jul 7 at 15:13
@SatyaKalluri do you see "Filter chain halted as :render_json_error_messages rendered or redirected" in the logs?? –  girishso Jul 7 at 15:29
Absolutely none @girishso –  Satya Kalluri Jul 7 at 18:13
created a rails 3.0.19 project... it works as expected with before_filter github.com/girishso/checkjson curl -i –  girishso Jul 7 at 18:32

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