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I am trying to integrate a project with Spring + MongoDB + Mongolab + JSF, I found many tutorials, but i didnt find how to configure a remote monogodb database (such as MongoLab) in the Spring Configuration XML file:

<mongo:mongo host="" port="27017" />
<mongo:db-factory dbname="yourdb" />

Where can I put the login credentials? Please help

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Isn't this enough fo you: <mongo:db-factory dbname="yourdb" username="" password=""/>? – Artem Bilan Jul 7 '14 at 13:56

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Here is the working bloc of code

    <mongo:mongo id="mongo" host="domainName" port="portNumber" />

    <mongo:db-factory id="mongoDbFactory"
              mongo-ref="mongo" />

     <bean id="mongoTemplate" class="">
         <constructor-arg name="mongoDbFactory" ref="mongoDbFactory" />

I tried it and it is working 100%
Thank you for your help

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