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I have a ruby on rails application which includes a header-file on every page.

Now i want to set the active pathes.

<li class="<%= 'active' if current_page?(users_path) %> dropdown">test</li>

This works without trouble.

Now i have a page for create a new user => users/new. So i tried around with request.path_parameters

<% if ((request.path_parameters[:controller] == "users") && (request.path_parameters[:action] == "new")) %>
    <li class="active dropdown">test</li> 
<% end %> 

The problem is that the if-condition is always true. I can change it to:

<% if ((request.path_parameters[:controller] == "userstest") && (request.path_parameters[:action] == "newtest")) %>
    <li class="active dropdown">test</li> 
<% end %> 

and its still true.

Anybody know a solutions for this?

When i try:

current_page?(url_for(:controller => 'users', :action => 'new')) 

i get a No route matches-error

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why can't you use a your helper method for users/new too? something like: <li class="<%= 'active' if current_page?(your_path_for_new_action) %> dropdown">test</li>. Your paths can't be same and i don't think you'll require your post method like create or destroy with delete method –  Mandeep Jul 7 '14 at 16:22

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Use == instead of =

<% if ((request.path_parameters[:controller] == "users") && (request.path_parameters[:action] == "new")) %> <li class="active dropdown">test</li> <% end %>

There are also helper methods available to get the controller and action.

controller_name and action_name

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Soory for this question. Thanks! My bad. Sitting to long in front of this code. –  tommeeyy Jul 7 '14 at 16:54

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