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I have this code:

Dim birthdaystring As String = MonthBirth.SelectedValue.ToString & "/" & DayBirth.SelectedValue.ToString & "/" & YearBirth.SelectedValue.ToString
Dim birthday As DateTime = Convert.ToDateTime(birthdaystring)

Which produces errors (String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.)

The string was "01/31/1963".

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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The problem is probably that the culture used for parsing the date expects a MM/dd/yyyy format rather than dd/MM/yyyy format.

Instead of creating a string and parsing it, create the DateTime value directly:

Dim birthday As New DateTime(YearBirth.SelectedValue, MonthBirth.SelectedValue, DayBirth.SelectedValue)
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Instead of creating a string which you later try to parse to a date try this:

Dim birthday As DateTime = new DateTime(_
    CType(YearBirth.SelectedValue, Integer), _
    CType(MonthBirth.SelectedValue, Integer), _
    CType(DayBirth.SelectedValue, Integer))
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Try changing it to:


I'm guessing it will work, but if not - you can add a second parameter to the parse saying the format you input, i.e.:

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