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This has been happening off and on for a couple weeks now. Everything will be working just fine, but at some point VS won't let me launch my site and I get the error

Unable to start program '[my dev URL]'.
Class already exists.

I haven't changed any code-behind, just the HTML in my .ASPX page. If I restart VS I don't get the error and my site loads just fine.

I'm on Win7 SP1 using VS 2013 Ultimate Update 2. I have Web Essentials installed which I think was updated recently.

I've poked around online for a while and can't see anyone else reporting this error so I figured I'd post it here.

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Is this an error you see in the browser? Or something VS pops up? Kinda sounds like some sort of plugin or extension. –  Mike Christensen Jul 7 '14 at 16:56
It's something VS pops up. I can't quite remember if the browser even launches at that point. My hunch was plug-in also, which is why I reference Web Essentials. On some occasions my whole desktop gets funky and windows stop opening/closing as I'd expect, also necessitating a reboot. I did a repair of VS 2013 and so far so good. –  PTansey Jul 7 '14 at 20:10
You can also run devenv.exe /SafeMode to start VS and disable all plugins. –  Mike Christensen Jul 7 '14 at 20:20
I wish it was easily reproducible so I could determine if its a plugin and which one. If I figure out how to make the error occur, I'll definitely use your /safemode idea. Thanks, Mike –  PTansey Jul 8 '14 at 16:26

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