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I have an action in my controller:

def download
    @file = FilmFile.find(params[:film_file_id]) += 1
    send_file @file.real_name.path, content_type: @file.real_name.content_type, x_sendfile: true

but in Chrome downloads I see URLs to files like

Is there a way to make URLs like this instead of

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Checkout the example in the CarrierWave wiki.

You need to add a new route:


match "/film_files/:id/:basename.:extension", :controller => "films", :action => "download", :conditions => { :method => :get }

And then assuming that the filename of your file is :basename.:extension you just need to generate the route in your views using the id of the film_file and the filename of the document


= link_to "Download !", "/film_files/#{}/#{File.basename(@film.document.url)}"

So that the generated url would have both the filename and the extension !

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cool, thanks! :) – Art Jul 7 '14 at 18:21

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