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I asked a question before and thought I had gotten a good result. The link to the question is here. Essentially, I was asking how to cause a floated DIV to expand to 100% of its parent divs when the content of said parent was larger than the floated DIV.

The answer I accepted (using display:table and display:table-cell on the parent and the DIV respectively) works fine on Chrome, but I have just discovered that it doesn't work at all on Firefox and Safari.

Has anyone got any idea of what I can do to rectify this?

Thanks in advance!

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On the off-chance that the code you now have isn't completely identical to the accepted answer, could you reproduce it (in a new fiddle, even)? – BoltClock Jul 7 '14 at 17:05


div { display: table}
div > div { display: table-row}
div > div > div  { display: table-cell}
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