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When building and running on ios 7.1+ emulator, when I focus on an input field, the keyboard pushes up the webview, resulting in my header being pushed off-screen. I would like the header to remain fixed.

I am using jQuery mobile for the UI template-ing.

Is there any workaround or standard approach to solving this issue? Also can someone explain why this is happening?

I have spent some time looking into this and found the following two related StackOverflow questions, however the solutions did not help me solve the problem.

  1. First Related Link
  2. Second Related Link

I also tried setting the jquery mobile 'data-position="fixed"' attribute to the header but that did not work either.


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jQM hides toolbars on focus. –  Omar Jul 8 at 0:19
FYI, both Related links are same. –  jeekonline Jul 8 at 3:57
Same issue I faced. location.reload is the only way to come out! :-( –  jeekonline Jul 8 at 4:07
This link may help you. –  jeekonline Jul 8 at 4:08

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I have tried this and my headers are in position:

<div data-theme="a" data-role="header" data-position="fixed" data-tap-toggle="false">

Add the data-tap-toggle="false" part let me know if it works.

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