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So I have this big (400MB) xml file I exported from my Blogger blog. I import it the WordPress blog hosted by Wordpress.com through the interface. There is a text saying upload limited to 15mb but it doesn't seem to cause a problem.

After I select and upload the file there is a message saying "Upload successful, Please give us some time to import the data".

But nothing happens.

I could not find anything on the internet, and there are no errors messages to guide me... I've tried the procedure more that 3 times.

Anyone have any idea of whats going on

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First, you should convert that XML file to a WXR using this tool. Then you should take the WXR and split it into multiple parts at 15MB each using this tool, the WXR File Splitter. It is most likely not importing because you are not respecting the file size upload input.


You should use the Blogger to WordPress Importer plugin, because this is what it was designed for. You just log into your Blogger account, then you select which blog you want to import, and it takes over the rest.

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