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I am writing a simple code to input the number of candies and balloons to be brought to a party. I have written

import std.stdio;
void main()
 int candiesCount;
 readf("%s", &candiesCount);

write("How many balloons are there? ");
int balloonCount;
readf("%s", &balloonCount);

writeln("Got it: There are ", candiesCount, " candies",
        " and ", balloonCount, " balloons.");

but after entering the number of candies I get this error :

Unexpected '
' when converting from type LockingTextReader to type int

0x7564173E in BaseThreadInitThunk
0x77C76911 in LdrInitializeThunk
0x77C768BD in LdrInitializeThunk

Pls Help me as I am new to this language.

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This stumped me for awhile as well. Andrei explains that readf is very picky about the input matching the format string.

You just need to add \n to the end your format strings. I think this is because you press enter to submit the input, but I'm not entirely sure (I am still new to this language as well).

It should look something like this:

readf("%s\n", &candiesCount);
readf("%s\n", &balloonCount);
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The error is happening due to unmatched input. The reason for that is whitespace. To fix that, use

readf(" %s", &candiesCount); // notice the space before %s

Adding a space before %s skips whitespace characters.

For more details, check this page (which happens to have a very similar example of yours for some reason):

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