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This is my program for graphing circles according to the radius and center coords that the user inputs.

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def circle(r,h,k,domain):
    x = np.array(domain)
    y = eval(np.sqrt(r**2 - (x-h)**2) + k)
rad = float(input("Radius: "))
xcen = float(input("Center X Coordinate: "))
ycen = float(input("Center Y Coordinate: "))


When it is run I get these errors.

Warning (from warnings module):
  File "/Users/William/Documents/Science/PYTHON3/Circle.py", line 5
    y = eval(np.sqrt(r**2 - (x-h)**2) + k)
RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in sqrt
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/William/Documents/Science/PYTHON3/Circle.py", line 13, in <module>
  File "/Users/William/Documents/Science/PYTHON3/Circle.py", line 5, in circle
    y = eval(np.sqrt(r**2 - (x-h)**2) + k)
TypeError: source code string cannot contain null bytes
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eval is not used for arithmetic evaluation in python, simply remove it from

y = eval(np.sqrt(r**2 - (x-h)**2) + k)

to obtain a valid

y = np.sqrt(r**2 - (x-h)**2) + k

also plotting each point as a separate data serie is rather a bad idea, you should create lists of x's and y's and then run.

plt.scatter(X,Y) # plt.plot() is used for line plots, not point plots
plt.show() # plt.show is the reference to the function, you need () to call it
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I feel stupid. I had eval in there because I took this from another program I wrote a long time ago, where someone would input the entire formula: y=eval(formula) formula = input("Formula: ") –  user3151828 Jul 7 at 21:39

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