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I am running into an issue with the value of ng-model, applied to an element using AngularStrap's bs-typeahead, is not accessible within scope. It is however viable from a {{ var }} within the HTML.

I have the following HTML:

<input type="text" placeholder="add a destination" ng-options="item as item for item in modelTypeahead" ng-model="selectedDestination" bs-typeahead data-template="templates/SrcDstTypeaheadTemplate.html">

I initialize the variable in my controller:

$scope.selectedDestination = "";

Placing a {{ selectedDestination }} elsewhere within the HTML works as expected.

However, when I do a console.log($scope.selectedDestination); within my controller it comes out as an empty string.

If I update my initialization to be something, for example:

$scope.selectedDestination = "abc123";

... both the <input> and the {{ selectedDestination }} update appropriately. My console.log will also spit out the set value. However, if I update the typeahead the {{ selectDestination }} will update but my console.log will spit out 'abc123' still.

Is there a scope issue that I am missing? I don't understand how {{ selectedDestination }} is putting out the correct string but the console.log is putting out something different. It would almost seem my binding is one-way, but AngularStrap's bs-typeahead should be two-way (per all the examples).

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experiencing exactly the same problem. have you solved it? –  Konstantin K Jul 23 at 18:06
No. It appears that selection from the typeahead are not propagating fully. I have not discovered exactly how/why. –  Evil Closet Monkey Jul 23 at 18:16

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Where are you doing console.log? You would have to make sure that the value has changed before you do that for the value to show up, you could do:

$scope.watch('selectedDestination', function() { 
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I've done it all over. Most recently, I do it on a button press (just for testing purposes). I added the $watch code above and it never fires as I type or confirm typeahead selections. –  Evil Closet Monkey Jul 7 at 21:51

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