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I have two tests to check the expected exception throw. I am using Junit 4 and has following syntax.

public void testSomething(){

One of the tests fail even though IllegalArgumentException is thrown and the other passes. Any idea whats missing?? I modified the test which is failing to following and it passes.

public void testSomething(){
  ............ //line that throws exception
 }catch(IllegalArgumentException e) {
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Prithis just something I noticed the second test does not have @Test annotation at all. JUNIT4 does not run tests that are not annotated even if the method names starts with test*** (unless of course you actually extend the TestCase class in which case it behaves like a JUNIT3.x testcase)

Perhaps that is the case that the test is not running at all (and hence makes you think that it passes)?

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Calm well spotted. Yes I did extend TestCase and did not have @test. I was trying to mix junit 3 and 4. Its working now. I had to import static org.junit.Assert.*; not extend testCase and add @test – Prithis Mar 17 '10 at 12:48

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