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I have a webapp running on sinatra with several gems installed.

I would like to zip it and move to another machine, but since that machine doesnt have internet connection I would like to pack all the gems (sinatra, mongoid etc) with it?

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If the two machines are similar and you’re using the same Ruby implementation (and version) you could use Bundler. Create a Gemfile, add the gems your app needs to it, then run

$ bundle install

to install those gems to the local machine.

You can then run

$ bundle package

which will copy all the gems used to the vendor/cache directory in your app. After zipping up and transferring the app to the other machine run

$ bundle install --local

to install all the gems from the vendor/cache directory on the other machine.

See the docs for bundle package.

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awesome! thanks –  meso_2600 Jul 8 '14 at 9:28

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