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I want to plot a graph in gnuplot. I have the file :

2.62    Mean
2.46    Median
3.8     80%
6.93    Maximum

Now, I want to plot y value as col1 and xvalue as col2.

I am writing :

plot 'C:\Users\abc\Desktop\cc.dat' with linespoints

But, only y value comes. can anyone please help me out

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The trouble that you are running into is a little basic. You should be able to figure it out by looking at tutorials on the net. I pulled these ones up from Google: people.duke.edu/~hpgavin/gnuplot.html and gnuplot.info/docs/tutorial.pdf –  Zahaib Akhtar Jul 7 at 22:41

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The second column is a string. If you want to put that on the x-axis, you must use xticlabel(2) to put these values as manual tic labels:

plot 'cc.dat' using 0:1:xtic(2) with linespoints

The zeroth column, i.e. the row number, is used as x-values, the first column as y-values and the second column as manual xtics.

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