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Currently I'm developing a Point of Sales system with silverlight and c#, but I'm having a trouble with a textbox.textchanged event.

So here's the problem: Let's just say I have a set of Stock keeping number like 111, 1112, 1113. I made the barcode reader to read a barcode with 1113 value. and the the textchanged event will fire, but the problem is, it only adds only 111 stock keeping number as a product being deducted from database.

Here's my source code for the textchanged event.

 private void barcodeTextbox_TextChanged(object sender, TextChangedEventArgs e)
        // search and load product datagrid from SKU
        inputSource = "barcode";

    private void loadProductBySKU()
       // Thread.Sleep(500);
        productDomainContext = new ProductDS();
        EntityQuery<product> bb = from b in productDomainContext.GetProductsQuery() where b.SKU == barcodeTextbox.Text select b;
        LoadOperation<product> res = productDomainContext.Load(bb, new Action<LoadOperation<product>>(loadProductBySKU_completed), true);


    private void loadProductBySKU_completed(LoadOperation<product> obj)
        productDataGrid.ItemsSource = productDomainContext.products;
        productDataGrid.SelectedIndex = 0;
            selectedProduct = obj.Entities.First();

            priceTextBox.Text = selectedProduct.Price.ToString();

            //todo buggy. when searching for liked number. It shows an issue
           // addSalesOrderDetail();

        catch (InvalidOperationException g)

thanks in advance for the help. enter image description here

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