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Someone know any acoustic fingerprint API opensource or freeware? Preferable windows compatible. I only need the fingerprint part, not to connect to a remote DB to check audio metadata


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Excellent open-source Python implementation here: github.com/worldveil/dejavu –  lollercoaster Jul 21 at 4:41

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Acoustid provides both the fingerprint generator and the online database which you can query with the fingerprint to find MusicBrainz sourced metadata.

Sounds like you're most interested in Chromaprint, the code for generating the fingerprint itself. It's written in C but there are examples of calling it from Python. The code is here. I have personally also used it from Java, using JNA.

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Could you please tell me more about your Java implementation? I'm looking to implement this in Android and i think it would be easier with java rather than C but there is no Java API for Chromaprint. –  Edeph Jul 3 at 9:40
Actually, I since changed that to use Scala using sbt Process API. You can follow the same underlying mechanism using Java. See javaworld.com/article/2071275/core-java/… for common pitfalls with this approach. –  Dan Gravell Jul 4 at 12:40


Echoprint is an open source music identification system that allows anyone to build music fingerprinting into their application.

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Have you already checked the ones listed in MusicBrainz documentation about audio fingerprinting?

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This open source project called musicg can help you


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Wikipedia - Acoustic Fingerprint implementations - maybe the "open source" paragraph might give some ideas.

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haven't used it myself though

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  • Already mentioned MusicBrainz (and related projects: MusicDNS, may be something else).
  • GraceNote (seems to be free for non-commercial use).
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Gracenote is definitely not free for anything. :) –  Lukáš Lalinský May 15 '11 at 10:06
May be I am wrong, but from the here (doors.gracenote.com/developer) I understood, that it is free for a non-commercial use. –  VitalyVal May 18 '11 at 17:44
Free as in beer... the question is about open source. –  Dan Gravell Dec 10 at 11:40

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