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Hi i am developing a web application using asp.net. In which i am showing some records in a asp repeater like THIS

When i click on a specific event i am redirecting it to other page like FullDetails.aspx with that event id in query string attached to url. After viewing the Full details he can visit the List of the records again by browse to back page.


It is working fine till now.

But later i have implemented a Button(btnFilter) for filtering property to filter the records based on the Date, Category. So when a user hit the Filter button to filter records i am fetching records based on the StartDate, EndDate, Category and binding them to the same Asp.repeater.

This Records creating problem , when a user see the Fulldetails and return to the previous page by Browse back my document getting expired!!! It is thinking that i am submitting form again!!

How could i avoid this kind of problems???


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