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Currently I'm running several websites that have several (branded) duplicates each, in the same IIS. I wanted to have an easy overview of all the website groups so I used a naming convention like [siteName].[brandCode]. But lo and behold, IIS has its very own (seemingly random) way of ordering the entries in the "Web Sites" folder.

Any suggestions

(and yes, I use different application pools, but that's not what I'm aiming for)

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You'll need to edit the IIS Metabase to reorder those. I can't remember if theres a tool to do it in IIS6 but you can use MetaEdit for IIS7 so that might be backwards compatible.

If not, the metabase is just an XML file so you can hand edit it (take a backup first) in notepad.

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Messing with production environment metadata xml files.. that really sucks. Thanks for the solution. – Boris Callens Oct 29 '08 at 11:04

I always click on the "Web Sites" folder in IIS Manager and sort the list in the right panel by description.

I think there is no other option.

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as you are running IIS6, Install IIS6 Resource Toolkit and run Metabase Explorer, did the trick for me

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