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Assume that a btrfs subvol named "child-subvol" is within a another subvol say, "root-subvol" and if we take snapshot of "root-subvol" then, the "child-subvol" should also be taken a snapshot.

Since recursive snapshot support is not yet there in btrfs file system, how can this be achieved alternatively ?

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I've been wondering this too and haven't been able to find any recommended best practices online. It should be possible to write a script to create a snapshot that handles the recursion.

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Step 1: Get all the residing btrfs sub-volumes. Preferably in the sorted order as achieved by the command below.

$ btrfs subvolume list --sort=-path < top_subvol >

Step 2: In the order of preference as obtained, perform delete/Snapshot operation.

$ btrfs subvolume delete < subvol-name >

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