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My host :

My setup : I have my main domain and a sub domain hosted on the Linux host.

What I need : Sub domain (currently on Linux host) should be pointed to that of a .Net site hosted on MS Business hosting on 1and1. What is the best way of achieving it?

What I did so far : Used Frame redirect (from Sub domain to .Net site) and my client is pissed that SEO will take a hit. And he is calling me a lousy programmer!

Suggestions, comments, solutions greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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What exactly is the problem`?



Point to the IP address of the windows host. Set up windows host to react to


Client should not call you a lousy programmer - but someone without a clue about how website technology works, internet wise. Note that this is different from Programming, it basically points to your administration skills (DNS, server setup etc.).

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Oh trust me, I have explored those options. 1and1 is the problem here. I cannot point a sub domain to an IP address (in this case a .Net site hosted on a different MS platform at 1and1). The only options I had were frame/http redirect. – ThinkCode Mar 17 '10 at 14:38
So get a proper host. Seriously. A hoster not allowing me to point a subdomain to their web server is crap crap crap. – TomTom Mar 17 '10 at 15:16

I don't believe 1and1 prevent you from properly managing your DNS. This FAQ seems to indicate a fairly wide set of features that you'd expect from any hosting company, including being able to configure your sub-domain:

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Have been on phone for so long. They say Linux and MS Hosting can do nothing with eachother, no pointing subdomains, no database access...crap! I had to code a whole hack just to synchronize data from MySQL to SQL Server - both hosted by the same host in different environments. – ThinkCode Mar 23 '10 at 16:08

Select your domain by checking the box on the domain tab, then click on the DNS button.

Edit DNS settings

Name Server* : My Name Server and then enter in the information for:

Primary name server 
Secondary name server   
1st secondary name server   
2nd secondary name server   
3rd secondary name server

You should be able to do that no problem. Maybe it's the fact that IIS is involved with a Linux package? But that shouldn't make a difference at all. It's simply forwarding the DNS over to the next host.

I switched over to their Virtual Private Server because I can host multiple domains, full control (ports, etc, no trust issues), and because I physically edit my SQL database rather than use their junk SQL web interface.

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