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I want to create a file using c++ in linux with particular file permissions(1644).I know i can achieve this with chmod but I want to do it programatically via c++.

Is this possible?Kindly help.


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Use stat(2) to retrieve the permissions, then use chmod(2) to change them.

More generally, to understand what syscalls are done by some (command-line) program (e.g. /bin/chmod...), use strace(1)....

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You need to use struct stat in sys/stat.h

man 2 stat to see the various st_mode field values.

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You can use the chmod function from sys/stat.h:

int chmod(const char *path, mode_t mode);

So something like:

#include <sys/stat.h>
if (!chmod("/tmp/testfile",
        S_ISVTX |   // Sticky bit
        S_IRUSR | // User read
        S_IWUSR | // User write
        S_IRGRP | // Group read
        S_IROTH   // Other read
    // Handle error case
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