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I am creating a boost::python package to access c++ structure in python. Everything is working fine but the behaviour of calling destructor by boost::python is quite annoying. Don't know if there is a problem with boost::python module or python.

Python version 2.7

What i am doing is.

struct World
    void set(const std::string &msg) { this->msg = msg; }
    const std::string &greet() const { return msg; }
    std::string msg;
    World() {cout<< "CONSTRUCTOR : WORLD" << endl; }
    ~World() { cout<< "DESTRUCTOR : WORLD " << msg << endl; }

struct WorldData
    WorldData() { std::cout<< "WorldData : CONSTRUCTOR " << std::endl; my_data.clear(); }
    ~WorldData() { std::cout<< "WorldData : DESTRUCTOR " << std::endl; my_data.clear(); }
    void append_data(const World &data) { my_data.insert(my_data.end(), data); std::cout << "Data Appended\n"; }
    const vector<World> &get_data() const { return my_data; }
    vector<World> my_data;

I have created these structures and its package.

boost::python::class_<World>("World", boost::python::init<>())
.def("greet", &World::greet, boost::python::return_value_policy<boost::python::copy_const_reference>())
.def("set", &World::set);

boost::python::class_<WorldData>("WorldData", boost::python::init<>())
.def("append_data", &WorldData::append_data)
.def("get_data", &WorldData::get_data, boost::python::return_value_policy<boost::python::copy_const_reference>());

That is how i have created a python module. And calling it from python.

import libboopyclass

def my_module_function(input):
    print 'input : ', input
    print 'Python : Module function called'

    world_data = libboopyclass.WorldData()

    p = libboopyclass.World()
    print 'LOOP START'

    for i in range(0, 4):
        p.set("howdaadfay : " + str(i))


    del p
    print 'LOOP CLOSED'

    return world_data


Data Appended
DESTRUCTOR : WORLD howdaadfay : 0 // Why this distructor called
Data Appended
DESTRUCTOR : WORLD howdaadfay : 0 // Why this distructor called
DESTRUCTOR : WORLD howdaadfay : 1 // Why this distructor called
Data Appended
Data Appended
DESTRUCTOR : WORLD howdaadfay : 3 // This distructor called when variable goes out of scope
DESTRUCTOR : WORLD howdaadfay : 0
DESTRUCTOR : WORLD howdaadfay : 1
DESTRUCTOR : WORLD howdaadfay : 2
DESTRUCTOR : WORLD howdaadfay : 3

That is the problem with the distructors. Why they got called and who call these distructors. But if i am doing the same with c++ code. everything works fine. all destructor called when variable goes out of scope.

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Maybe the boot-python library prevents the compiler from doing a copy elision? And why can't we see the constructor messages ? –  Geoffroy Jul 8 '14 at 9:07
I am quite surprised about the same thing. Why can't the constructor message is printed if it creates a copy of the object. :( –  Karan Kumar Jul 8 '14 at 9:37
Why boost compiler do that?? and why the destructor of the same object called twice? and the main thing why these destructor got called if there is no call of constructor? –  Karan Kumar Jul 8 '14 at 10:24
You don't have any call to constructor at all? THat's really strange. Is the constructor output working without python ? –  Geoffroy Jul 8 '14 at 12:24
No, if i do the same code with C++ without integrate with python, then its perfectly fine. Well i am still searching for the solution.. I also have done many random cases but still unable to understand this behaviour. –  Karan Kumar Jul 8 '14 at 14:05

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