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..$ rails s
=> Booting WEBrick
=> Rails 4.0.4 application starting in development on
=> Run `rails server -h` for more startup options
=> Ctrl-C to shutdown server
A server is already running. Check /home/

what is the easiest way to solve this for a rails beginner?

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Short and Crisp single line command, that will take care of it.

kill -9 $(lsof -i tcp:3000 -t)
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You can delete the file.

rm /your_project_path/tmp/pids/


try in IOS:

sudo lsof -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN -P | grep :3000

or in linux:

ps -aef | grep rails


lsof -wni tcp:3000

kill the process using

kill -9 PID (eg,2786)
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is this done in the command line or the rails console? – S Craig Feb 2 at 10:02 only contains the process ID of the running server.

If you do:

more ``

you will get a number (say 6745) which you can use to stop the previous server with the command kill:

kill -9 6745

and then you can remove the file with the rm command

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the gui way for Windows user

open the ResourceMonitor (taskmanager ->Performance -> ResourceMonitor) and kill the ruby.exe process

enter image description here

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Issue can be solved using:

kill -9 $(more /home/
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It happens sometimes because you force turn off the server, for example turning of the OS/machine so that the server doesnot have time to log to The easiest way as of my opinion is to manually go to tmp/pids/(the directory that is shown in your console.) and remove . Then, when you start the server again, rails server or rails s ,it creates a new and you can continue development.

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If you use Linux, open file in [...]/project_path/tmp/pids directory. Copy the number you find therein, then replace [PID] with the copied number in the console command below:

kill -9 [PID]

This will kill the running server process and you can start your server again without any trouble.

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