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public object MethodName(ref float y)

How do I defined a Func delegate for this method?

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It cannot be done by Func but you can define a custom delegate for it:

public delegate object MethodNameDelegate(ref float y);

Usage example:

public object MethodWithRefFloat(ref float y)
    return null;

public void MethodCallThroughDelegate()
    MethodNameDelegate myDelegate = MethodWithRefFloat;

    float y = 0;
    myDelegate(ref y);
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The reason being: all generic type arguments must be things that are convertible to object. "ref float" is not convertible to object, so you cannot use it as a generic type argument. –  Eric Lippert Mar 17 '10 at 14:23
Thanks for that, I was struggling to use Func so I know why I cant use it when type is not convertible to object –  chugh97 Mar 17 '10 at 15:28

In .NET 4+ you can also support ref types this way...

public delegate bool MyFuncExtension<in string, MyRefType, out Boolean>(string input, ref MyRefType refType);
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