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In Excel, let's say I have 5 columns, but not all of the time will a column have data. How can I force it to give a static number of commas?

I end up having some rows like this (as I would like it):



Then some rows like this:



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you mean when exporting? That should happen by default. I tried it just now with Excel 2007 and all exported lines in the .csv-file had the same amount of commas. Those lines with fewer columns had extra commas at the end, just like in your example

Actual exported excel file:


The actual amount of commas is determined by the row with the most columns

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There must be something thats causing this particular sheet to act up. I did notice that in a smaller sample I created trying to reproduce it I was unable. Any idea what Would cause it? – jstoneky Mar 17 '10 at 14:51
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So in this particular instance, there was a lot of copy pasting going on to create the file.

I finally opened a new worksheet, copied the entire document over, and created a CSV using that.

This resolved my problem.

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