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I created a custom component for a proprietary service. If this service is down i get noticed via a call of a callback function. I am throwing a custom exception at this point.

Sending exchanges to the producer/ consumer will yield no errors or exceptions (all seems to fine).

So i need to implement an emergency stop if my custom exception is thrown. I read a bit about exception handling in camel. I think i need a context-scoped onException(MyException.class).??? but what then?

Is this working on exceptions that are called without relation to an exchange? If this is working how to handle it. I want to stop certain routes in this case.

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here you can find to stop routes from a route: If you do the call of the proprietary service in a route you do have an exchange btw.

kind regards, soilworker

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"If you do the call of the proprietary service in a route you do have an exchange btw" -> no only if process is called and the exception is thrown within process. In my case the exception is thrown in a callback method that is called by the service - no exchange is involved and therefore "onException" isn't working. The problem is not how to stop the route but to get camel to handle the exception. – dermoritz Jul 8 '14 at 14:24
Can you call a route in case of your custom exception(or instead of the exception)? In this route you can stop the routes that should be stopped(with camel control bus for example). – soilworker Jul 8 '14 at 15:19

I created a little workaround: I set a boolean i the callback method is called. On each call of process i check this boolean and if true i throw an exception. With this the exception is within normal camel exception handling and onException could be used.

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