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If I have a string like "test", I have characters from offset 0-3. I would like to add another string to this one at offset 6. Is there a simple php function that can do this?

I am trying this, but getting an error (PHP Fatal error: Cannot use assign-op operators with overloaded objects nor string offsets in ). I understand I could concatenate these strings, but I want to build a sentence based on output from Stanford CoreNLP that provides string offset locations (more info at

$strings[0] = "test";
$strings[1] = "new";

foreach($strings as $string) {

for($i = 0 ; $i <= strlen($string); $i++) {
    print $string[$i];
    if (!isset($sentence)) {
        $sentence = $string[$i];
    else {
        $sentence[strlen($sentence)] .= $string[$i];


print_r ($sentence);

PHP docs say at

Writing to an out of range offset pads the string with spaces. Non-integer types are converted to integer. Illegal offset type emits E_NOTICE. Negative offset emits E_NOTICE in write but reads empty string. Only the first character of an assigned string is used. Assigning empty string assigns NULL byte.

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Did you tried to consider a string as an array of chars? In this way you add charathers or even concatenate strings, where ever you want. – Cristian Jul 8 '14 at 11:35
Thx, that is what I am trying to do in the sample code. – giorgio79 Jul 8 '14 at 11:37
the approach is not right, if you want to conseider it as an array you first need to create an array with strlen($yourstring) blocks, so that every block contains a character of your string. – Cristian Jul 8 '14 at 11:47
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Convert the string to an array, in the case where the offset is greater than the string length fill in the missing indexes with a padding character of your choice otherwise just insert the string at the corresponding array index position and implode the string array.

Please see the function below:

function addStrAtOffset($origStr,$insertStr,$offset,$paddingCha=' ')
    $origStrArr = str_split($origStr,1);

    if ($offset >= count($origStrArr))
        for ($i = count($origStrArr) ; $i <= $offset ; $i++)
            if ($i == $offset) $origStrArr[] = $insertStr;
            else $origStrArr[] = $paddingCha;
        $origStrArr[$offset] = $insertStr.$origStrArr[$offset];

    return implode($origStrArr);

echo addStrAtOffset('test','new',6);
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To solve your problem first of all you convert your strings in arrays with str_split, then when you've got the array you're done, you can perform any kind of operations on these strings.


$s1 = "test";
$s2 = "new";
//converting string into array
$strings[0] = str_split($s1, 1);
$strings[1] = str_split($s2, 1);
//setting the first word of sentence
$sentence = $strings[0];
//insert every character in the sentence of "new" word
for ($i=0; $i < count($strings[1]); $i++) { 
    $sentence[] = $strings[1][$i];


    [0] => t
    [1] => e
    [2] => s
    [3] => t
    [4] => n
    [5] => e
    [6] => w
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Thanks Cristian. This is a good answer as well! I accepted the other one as the function also allows specifying offset where the string will be added. – giorgio79 Jul 8 '14 at 12:05

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