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I have an array of Paths which i want to read out with Template Toolkit. How can I access the array Elements of this array? The Situation is this:

my @dirs;
opendir(DIR,'./directory/') || die $!;
@dirs = readdir(DIR);
close DIR;
$vars->{'Tree'} = @dirs;

Then I call the Template Page like this:

$template->process('create.tmpl', $vars) 
   || die "Template process failed: ", $template->error(), "\n";

In this template I want to make an Tree of the directories in the array. How can I access them?

My idea was to start with a foreach in the template like this

[% FOREACH dir IN Tree.dirs %]
[% END %]
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Use references to pass arrays or hashes into your template:

$vars->{'Tree'} = \@dirs;

Then in the template:

[% FOR d = Tree %]
    [% d %]
[% END %]
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Agreed. Always use references for arrays and hashes –  Romuald Brunet Mar 17 '10 at 14:44
Great this worked perfectly. Thank you! Will keep it in mind to always use references! –  Przemek Mar 17 '10 at 14:45

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