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I have just employed in a company, this company have a web site, i see some code like this:

 public TicketReader()
        HttpContext currentReq = HttpContext.Current;


            Ticket = ((FormsIdentity)currentReq.User.Identity).Ticket;

            Ticket = null;

what are these codes mean?

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Without context, no one else can know what it actually means. I suggest you go to your manager or a team member, i.e., someone actually familiar with the code you're working on, for help. – Michelle Jul 8 '14 at 12:27
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TicketReader is a method that saves the information involving the visitor's individual HTTP request in a variable called currentReq. That variable will be used to create a Ticket-object. If it fails the Ticket-object is set to be nothing, which will probably be checked later on.

More information on HttpContext class by MSDN.

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the short answer is it looks at the current http request and sets a ticket to the user, if that throws an error it sets the ticket to null(instead of the error type the command probably returns)

I would learn about httprequests if I were you and it will start making sense

what it basically does it break hierarchy intentionally(useful yet dangerous if you don't understand what you are doing)

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