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I want to start the camera intent within my app to take a picture and save it to internal storage. I'm using the code of google developers page Capturing images or video. In the processPictureWhenReady method I've implemented the following code to save the picture:

private void processPictureWhenReady(final String picturePath) {
    Log.v("path processPictureWhenReady ", " " + picturePath);
    final File pictureFile = new File(picturePath);

    if (pictureFile.exists()) {
        // The picture is ready; process it.
        try {

            Bitmap imageBitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(picturePath);
            int w = imageBitmap.getWidth();
            int h = imageBitmap.getHeight();

            Bitmap bm2 = Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(imageBitmap, w / 2,
                    h / 2, true);

            imageBitmap = bm2.copy(bm2.getConfig(), true);

                    imageBitmap, "test", "Test");

        } catch (Exception e) {
            Log.e("Exc", e.getMessage());


The camera intent is starting and then I have "tap to accept" to take a picture. But then nothing happens. I have a log message in my onActivityResult method and noticed that the method is not beeing called.

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This is a known issue. I have the same problem. I'm following the case here in the meantime

I've seen people try implementing the preview mode with SurfaceView (I haven't personally gotten it to work but it's worth a shot). Also check here for a similar problem.

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