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One of the task I soon will have is to upgrade a rather large albeit very old Typo3 4.5.34 to the newest 6.2.x release.

Amongst the problems I'll be facing are outdated plugins/modules/extensions and much more. For starters it would be nice to have a sort of (extensive) documentation regarding what to do, what to look out for, what not to do, etc. when upgrading such an old software.

I do not mean only and only official documentation. I also mean documentation from users for users. Typo3 can't possibly cover all topics by themselves.

I'm much obliged for any links, hints, tipps y'all can give me.

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First: 4.5.34 is quite new (May 2014 I think), 4.5.35 was released some hours ago. Its just the latest version of the last LTS. For the update, please take a look here: wiki.typo3.org/Upgrade#Upgrading_to_6.2_Long_Term_Support Especially the smoothmigration-extension should get you started. –  Jost Jul 8 at 15:07
Here's some more info (in german): jweiland.net/typo3/versionen-und-updates/… - it's not much, I think experience has to be gained still. There is a section on forge forge.typo3.org/projects/typo3cms-smoothmigration dedicated to upgrade issues, but it's rather for devs. –  Urs Jul 8 at 18:20

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There is another documentation from jweiland for T3DD14 that is quite complete, you may find it here: http://jweiland.net/t3dd14/

most extensions can be made 6.2 compatible with the following two replacements:




if (!class_exists('tslib_pibase')) require_once(PATH_tslib





Another pitfall is the migration DAM to FAL, but with the following extemsion this can be acomplished quite easily: https://github.com/froemken/t3ext-dam_falmigration

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