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I am using a service called Ink File Picker, which helps me to pick files from different sources.

Now, I have a web app which I have put inside an iframe in Facebook. In that app I am using File Picker. It is working perfectly apart from when the user comes and links to a new service, for example the user wants to select images from DropBox he will be taken out of the app in a separate window and asked to log in.

But in the case where the app is inside facebook it doesn't comes back after authenticating. The issues I guess is communication issues between the iframes.

So, is there a way to over come it? I was thinking of forcing the File Picker in some way so that it doesn't opens up the app in a model rather than in an Iframe or div or something.

Or if there is a way to let the iframes communicate that would be great as well or if there is any other solution, it is welcome.

Thanks for your time.

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