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While developing a simple Windows Form UI applications, I am trying to create an effect to show and close dropdown on mouse events.

Like I can open the dropdown on MouseMove event by setting comboBox.DroppedDown = true; However, this same is not working when I set comboBox.DroppedDown = false; on MouseLeave event to close it.

No idea what exactly is needs to be done here. The problem is on MouseLeave the dropdown does not lose focus and hence unless you select one item from list, it does not close. It waits for user to select an item from list. If it can lose focus on MouseLeave, would work. Any suggestions please.

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While the DropDown is Down is has the Mouse Captured. Turning that off will make a difference but will not give the desired results. Either a better way of Releasing the Capture or some way to follow the mouse events back to the outside controls would be the direction of reaserch.. –  TaW Jul 8 at 15:51
You could have some kind of Background worker / Timer working behind on the form, checking if the mouse location (coords) are within the combobox + combobox dropdown menu. If not, you could force a DroppedDown to close. This has an hit on performance, but it should be doable aswell. –  Bruno Monteiro Jul 8 at 16:00
Using Bruno's suggestion in a TimerTick event:` Point MP = new Point(Cursor.Position.X - this.Location.X,Cursor.Position.Y - this.Location.Y ); Size DDS = new Size(comboBox1.DropDownWidth, comboBox1.DropDownHeight); Rectangle DDR = new Rectangle(new Point(comboBox1.Left, comboBox1.Top + comboBox1.Height) , DDS); if (!DDR.Contains(MP) ) { comboBox1.DroppedDown = false; timer2.Stop(); }` –  TaW Jul 10 at 8:51

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It sounds to me like you need to be using the MouseEnter event and not MouseMove. The reason it wouldn't work on MouseLeave is because your mouse is moving, and that will just set it to true again.

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Nope unfortunately, this doesn't work either. I tried just now. –  Indigo Jul 8 at 15:10

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