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When resolving the dependencies for Microsoft.Data.Entity.SqlServer in a version newer than 0.1-alpha-build-0863, vs 2014 is not resolving the dependencies for this package. Everything works fine when using the earlier version.

I think some changes in the .nuspec file in the package are to blame for this.

Version 0.1-alpha-build-0863:

<group targetFramework=".NETFramework4.5">
    <dependency id="Microsoft.Data.Common" version="0.1-alpha-build-0137" />
    <dependency id="Microsoft.Data.Entity" version="0.1-alpha-build-0766" />
    <dependency id="Microsoft.Data.Entity.Migrations" version="0.1-alpha-build-0766" />
    <dependency id="Microsoft.Data.Entity.Relational" version="0.1-alpha-build-0766" />
    <dependency id="Microsoft.Data.SqlServer" version="0.1-alpha-build-0670" />
    <dependency id="Microsoft.Framework.DependencyInjection" version="0.1-alpha-build-0362" />

Version 0.1-alpha-build-1136:

  <group targetFramework=".NETFramework4.5.1">
    <dependency id="Microsoft.Data.Entity.Migrations" version="0.1-alpha-build-1136" />
    <dependency id="Microsoft.Data.SqlServer" version="0.1-alpha-build-0774" />

There is a dependency link from Microsoft.Data.Entity.Migrations to Microsoft.Data.Entity.


The dependencies are in the packages folder, but they are not detected by vs 2014 ctp and k build.

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Try updating your project to target .NET 4.5.1, this solved the problem for me. You can do this by updating your project.json file from:

"configurations" : {
    "net45" : { },
    "k10" : { }


"configurations" : {
    "net451" : { },
    "k10" : { }
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