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I want to verify that my cluster is configured correctly, and I thought issuing the command below will run the following script and output the poolsize into a text file as well as where my screen output is directed (by the batch management environment). Instead I only see output at the end, with nothing in the error file either. How shall I get this done?


matlab -nosplash -nodesktop < test.m


poolsize = poolobj.NumWorkers
save poolsize.txt poolsize -ascii
poolobj = gcp('nocreate'); % If no pool, do not create new one.
if isempty(poolobj)
    poolsize = 0;
    poolsize = poolobj.NumWorkers
save poolsizefile poolsize;

(The second half never worked, so I even stopped trying, thus the first exit.)


>> >> Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the 'local' profile ... Warning: Found 1 pre-existing communicating job(s) created by pool that are
running, and 3 communicating job(s) that are pending or queued. You can use
'delete(myCluster.Jobs)' to remove all jobs created with profile local. To
create 'myCluster' use 'myCluster = parcluster('local')'. 
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Why are you calling exit? This will close matlab and makes everything below unreachable. –  Daniel Jul 8 at 15:52
I am issuing this into a batch, so the job should close. Interestingly, it never does, it always times out, maybe it's worth mentioning in the main text. (The environment in inaccessible in any case.) –  László Jul 8 at 16:02
If you kill your workers using exit, it's no wonder you receive a timeout. This is not a proper way to terminate a job! –  Daniel Jul 8 at 19:35

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Firstly, I would suggest using the -r option to MATLAB to run your script as there are some occasional weirdnesses when piping input as you're doing, e.g.

matlab -nodisplay -r test

Then, I would change line 2 to state


to ensure you don't create a pool simply to delete it. Then, the next bit should be

poolobj = parpool;
poolsize = poolobj.NumWorkers;
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Thanks, I guess you also tested this? –  László Jul 9 at 9:41
Actually I didn't. –  Edric Jul 9 at 10:02
Thanks. I got this note : Error using parpool (line 86) Found an interactive session. You cannot have multiple interactive sessions open simultaneously. To terminate the existing session, use 'delete(gcp)'. Error in BayesBootstrapMaster (line 5) poolobj = parpool; –  László Jul 9 at 11:07
Ok, but that means you must have already opened a pool. delete(gcp('nocreate')) is guaranteed to ensure no pool is open, without creating one. If you do simply delete(gcp), then that might open a pool and then delete it (depending on your parallel preferences). –  Edric Jul 9 at 11:44
Thanks, only the latter works. But I had no open pool, just fired up a fresh insurance of Matlab. I don't know what's going on. –  László Jul 9 at 12:47

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