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I need help with JS and properly wiring JS into a web application (should I use JS at all). And help with how/where JS fits in the overall structure/organization of the app. aka I want to build a good foundation and not "tack on" JS where it does not belong, or where it will cause maintenance issues later.

I want do implement something like this:

  1. User makes original selection via form.
  2. A screen with options is presented, where user "leafs through" all generated options, i.e. via left/right arrows
  3. User select one of the options, and saves it.
  4. I am very interested in the retrieval process after saving as well.

Original selection form itself is simple and short. The options generated are complex and huge, and there can be up to 200 of them, and each option can fill up entire page with data. After the users saves their selection, I very much want to be able to retrieve it later upon request, and have it show the same data, the same way it was presented to the user, even if the selection algorithm changes later.

One way to do so is to save the entire option, but that is a lot of data. I much rather either save parameters that generated it, or to re generate it again when user requests their selection made earlier.

Right now there is an existing system that uses a horrid mess of PHP, JS, jQuery, PHP, HTML, and JSON to do what I have described. It also saves all the options, all of them, including the one selected by the user ...

I am looking for a clean and simple way to do what I have described conceptually -- passing data from PHP & HTML-only code to JS selection page, and then from JS-selection and back to PHP, with particular interest of HOW to structure the code & application's code-flow.

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