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I would like to know how to prevent the web script to be able to navigate his upper level ? For instance, the web script is located at C:\Websites\Website-A and it shouldn't able to navigate to upper level or view other drive information.

My question is, what kind of security settings in order to prevent this case happens?

I have tried to set the user to the application pool at one of the application pools -> advanced settings -> Identity -> and set the user I have created. I did google for the solution but I can't find it (maybe I used the wrong keywords)

Could you give me some hints or solutions ?

Thank you in advanced.


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The solution to this is two-fold.

  • Set the user for the application pool (as you mentioned). Make sure this is a limited user and does not have permissions to read or write outside of where is necessary (preferably read only if possible). Bottom line - minimum required permissions.
  • You haven't said what your script does, but you should make sure that the code is not vulnerable to a Directory traversal attack. If a user can pass strings such as ..\ as an input and the script blindly follows then it is vulnerable.
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