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  • Categorylist has_many Itemlist
  • Itemlist has two boolean attributes--request_list & inventory_list-- that are either true or false (independently, meaning both can be true or false or whatever)

Now I want to iterate over each of the Categorylist where that Categorylist contains at least one Itemlist with a inventory_list attribute set to true.

In words: I have a master set of categories and items that I create as admin. Some of these items I want to appear on the request page, others on the inventory page, some on both. On each request/inventory page, I want to display only the categories that have items that I wanted to show on that request/inventory page.


I have a working solution below, but looking to see if it can be improved on further. Thanks!

Categorylist.all.select { |c| c.itemlists.pluck("inventory_list").include? true }.each do |n|
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I think this should work for your requirements:

Categorylist.includes(:itemlists).where(itemlists: { inventory_list: true })
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