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I'm trying to retrieve all groups for a given user. By default, server returns an array of group through memberof attributes. However, some of these groups belongs to other groups and I need to check against these nested groups as well.

It seems we need to search against (member:1.2.840.113556.1.4.1941:=cn=user1,cn=users,DC=x) as per ldap nested group membership

Here is what I have so far

filter =  Net::LDAP::Filter.eq('sAMAccountName', 'johnny')
treebase = "OU=Users,DC=city,DC=ad"

ldap.search(base: treebase, filter: filter) do |entry|
  puts "Searching for DN: #{entry.dn}"
  entry.each do |attribute, values|
    puts "   #{attribute}:"
    values.each do |value|
      puts "      --->#{value}"

  if entry.memberof.include? 'CN=my_group'
    puts "  **** Yes, you're a member of this group ****'"
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