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I want to display hierarchial categories in a drop down list.

Each child category should be indented slightly.

My model looks like:


I already have a method that loads all the categories.

categories = ...

I believe I will have to somehow do this with recursion.

I also have a hash which I created by looping through the categories, this way I can easily fetch a category by it's id.

map = {}

categories.each do |c|
  map[] = c

Now I need help on how to recursively build a select/dropdown statement and indenting the child categories.

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Let's say your class will be something like this

class Category <, :name, :parent_id)

The function which prints your drop down list out

def print_child(categories, parent_id, html = '', symbol = '=')
  categories.each do |category|
    if category.parent_id == parent_id
      node_html = "<option>#{ symbol } #{ }<option>"
      html += print_child(categories,, node_html, symbol + symbol)

I will simply create an array of categories

categories = [, 'A', 0),, 'B', 1),, 'C', 2),, 'D', 2),, 'E', 1),

Print the result

html = print_child(categories, 0)
p html
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I'm not really looking for a gem for this, I want learn how to do it manually as I can see this being a beneficial thing to understand. –  Blankman Jul 8 '14 at 23:29

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