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I'm having trouble getting an onClick listener to work with a dc.barChart. According to this thread, clickable charts should have an onClick listener now. However, I've tried both chart.onClick = function and chart.on("click", function) without any luck. Below is the code I've tried to test whether the listener is working or not.

var hubChart = dc.barChart("#hub-chart");

var dateHub = dateCF.dimension(function(d){ return d.hub;}),
    dateHubs = dateHub.group().reduceSum(function(d){
        return d.total;

var minHub = dateHub.bottom(1)[0].hub;
var maxHub = dateHub.top(1)[0].hub;

hubChart.width(0.40 * window.innerWidth)
    .x(d3.scale.linear().domain([minHub, maxHub]))

hubChart.on("preRedraw", function (chart) {
hubChart.on("preRender", function (chart) {

hubChart.onClick = function(chart){

hubChart.on("click", function (chart) {


This should cause true to print out to the console whenever the chart is clicked, but nothing's happening.

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It seems like onClick was only enabled for bar charts with an ordinal X axis. As long as you are willing to replace the built-in click behavior, you can accomplish the same thing using dc's access to d3 selectors, in a renderlet:

chart.renderlet(function(chart) {
  chart.selectAll('rect').on("click", function(d) {
    console.log("click!", d);

I opened an issue to track the question/request: https://github.com/dc-js/dc.js/issues/633

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Alright, thanks. Everything's working as it should be now. –  user2567051 Jul 16 '14 at 0:21
If you don't want to replace the behavior, you can use event namespaces to add a separate listener, as documented in d3.selection.on. –  Gordon Dec 22 '14 at 18:55

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